Saxe, Maurice, count de

(1696-1750) (Marshal Saxe)
   military figure
   Born in Goslar, Maurice, count de Saxe, or Marshal Saxe, as he is known, was the son of the elector of Saxony, August II, the future king of Poland, and Aurora of Konigsmarck. He served successively Prince Eugene of Savoy, Peter the Great of Russia, then his father (who recognized him in 1711), and finally the king of France, Louis XIV. Elected duke of Courland (1726), he was unable to take possession of his duchy and so returned to France. He demonstrated his exceptional tactical and strategic skills during the War of the Austrian Succession (taking Prague and Eger, victories at Fontenoy and Lawfeld). Marshal Saxe can be considered the last of the condottieri not only because of his military talents, but also for his actions in his private life.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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